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Basic rules and terminology of pickleball

While this information primarily is for the newcomer, pickleball players of all levels seem only too willing to help anyone just picking up the fledgling sport.

  • ACE - Any serve not returned by a receiver.

  • BAGEL - A shutout game, which is a standard 11-0 score.

  • BANGER - A player that mostly hits powerful drive shots.

  • BERT - In doubles it’s a poach shot where a player crosses in front of their partner for an erne on their partner’s side of the court.

  • DROP SHOT - A soft return from the backcourt or midcourt that lands in or near an opponent’s non-volley zone.

  • ERNE - A volley hit near the net by a player positioned outside the court.

  • KITCHEN - No, not a place to cook but the non-volley zone, a 7x20-foot area adjacent to the net where it is not permitted to volley the ball.

  • NASTY NELSON - A serve that intentionally hits a non-receiving opposing player closest to the net, which is good for a service point.

  • PANTRY - Areas outside the court on either side of the kitchen.

  • PICKLED - Losing a game without scoring a single point.

  • POINTS - In a nutshell, pickleball is played to 11 points and a game must be won by two points.

  • SIDEOUT - When the serve moves to the opponent’s side of the net.

  • TWEENER - When a player returns a shot by hitting the ball between their legs.

  • VOLLEY - Similar to tennis, it involves continuously exchanging hitting the ball over the net.

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Dan Bradley
Dan Bradley
14 lug 2023

Bagel?!? Never heard a shutout game called that. It's called "PICKLED"

Mi piace
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