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Featured Pickler - Alex Wadsworth

Alex became so enamored with pickleball that he built a court on his property in Lutz. Initially it was for his family and friends. Now he hosts tournaments there.

Q. How did you get into pickleball?

A. I was looking for an alternative from the gym and a friend of mine said come and play pickleball. That was nine months ago and I’ve been playing almost every day since.

Q. What compelled you to build a court on your property?

A. I just couldn’t get court time anywhere. We would have to wait an hour to play, so I decided to have my own court put in. Q. How does your family like having a pickleball court in the backyard?

A. They love it. The neighbors have come over. The parents come over to play and then their kids come to play.

Q. You’ve had two tournaments. The first one lacked lines and the second was a blind draw. What’s in store for the next one on Aug. 5?

A. Due to space limitations we do single elimination. Most everywhere it’s three games. We also have a potluck, challenge. Everybody has to bring a potluck then we vote on the best. For the third tournament everyone has to use the same paddles. That makes it even because some of the paddles are so advanced.

The pickleball-playing Wadsworths are Alex and his wife Kimberly, along with their children — Avalina, 12; Eleanor, 9; Wentworth, 6; Meredith, 3; and Wolfgang, 8 months. The baby will be playing sometime in the future.

By Steve Lee Times Total Media Correspondent Photos courtesy of Steve Lee

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