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Featured Pickler: Champions crowned in 12 divisions of Tunnel to Towers tourney

Courtesy of Kat Orr
Kat Orr and Cynthia Swartz won a division title in women’s doubles 3.0 50-and-over.

The Fourth Annual Tunnel to Towers Foundation fundraiser included pickleball for a second straight year. Aside from the competition, players appreciated the cause as well.

“As you enter, you walk along a path lined with photos of fallen heroes — so touching,” said Kat Orr, who partnered with Cynthia Swartz to win the women’s doubles 3.0 50-and-over title. “The fact that the money raised goes to the families of fallen heroes and wounded veterans was enough to make me say, ‘Yes, I’m in.’”

“Surrounded by the photos of the courageous individuals who gave their lives on 9/11, I felt a deep sense of reverence and gratitude,” Swartz added. “Each player received a badge with the photo of a first responder to play in their honor.”

Courtesy of Elena Wiener
Elena Wiener and Yvette Sud played in their second Tunnels to Tower tournament.

For Elena Wiener and Yvette Sud, it marked their second Tunnel to Towers tourney. They won gold in women’s doubles 3.5 50-and-over.

“Seeing the flags and pictures of all (the) fallen heroes, it just reminds me of how short life is and to not take any day for granted,” Wiener said.

Added Sud, a U.S. Army veteran, “Seeing the pictures of the 9/11 heroes who gave their lives displayed throughout the grounds and learning a little more about them felt so special.”

Photos courtesy of Kat Orr and Elena Wiener

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