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Featured Picklers - All Florida Pickleball members

All Florida Pickleball promotes the sport

Smiling excitedly, David Tabb shows his unbridled enthusiasm for pickleball.
David Tabb has unbridled enthusiasm for pickleball.

Organizing, scheduling and hosting tournaments and flex leagues are all part of All Florida Pickleball’s collective efforts to promote the sport.

Members of the group recently showed up at Amalie Arena before a Tampa Bay Lightning game. The highlight was arranging for professional players with the Florida Smash to play exhibitions with the public. Demonstrations and pointers provided by Pickletopia and

Tampa Pickleball Crew were included.

A few days later, All Florida Pickleball partnered with the Bardmoor Golf & Country Club for a tourney to benefit the Greater Seminole Chamber of Commerce.

“Making people laugh, making people smile — this sport does some incredible work,” said David Tabb, a co-owner of All Florida Pickleball.

Tabb, who previously resided in Winter Haven and Fort Lauderdale, has long been in marketing. He and several partners formed All Florida Pickleball early last spring and have organized a half-dozen events.

The next tourney All Florida Pickleball is organizing at Bardmoor’s pickleball courts is Jan. 26-28. Frenchy’s Pickled Grouper Classic will be a three-day event to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay.

“The Frenchy’s tournament is going to be absolutely pandemonium,” Tabb said with a hearty laugh. “It’s going to be a pickleball carnival.”

Photo courtesy of All Florida Pickleball

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