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Featured Picklers: Local pickleball players

Pickleballers share their Christmas wish lists

Kathy McCausey, a competitive player and partner at, plays pickleball on the court.
Kathy McCausey is a competitive player and partner at

In the spirit of the winter holiday season, we asked some local pickleball players about their Christmas wish lists. Not surprisingly, all of the responses had something to do with pickleball.

“For Christmas, I wish for more pop-up balls to smash and covered courts at Hillsborough Community College.” — Mare Coffey, who plays in the meetup groups at HCC and

oversees the Plant High pickleball program.

“I wish I was 30 years younger because with all my ability I’d be a star.” — Bob Goodman, a league player in Pinellas County who also plays in area tournaments.

“My wish is for more pickleball courts. I wish everyone would try the sport. It can change your life.” — Maggie McClintock, director of league development for US Team


Tom Helfrich of New Port Richey, who works with handicapped pickleball players, plays a game on the court.
Tom Helfrich of New Port Richey works with handicapped pickleball players.

“To keep healthy.” — New Port Richey’s Tom Helfrich, who works with handicapped pickleball players and has been dealing with shoulder pain as of late.

“More public pickleball courts in central Pasco … more courts to provide more accessibility for pickleball players of all levels.” — Kathy McCausey, a highly competitive player

and partner in

Photos by Steve Lee

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