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Featured Picklers - Meet the Crew

Denise Davis (in pink top), who has played pickleball for four months, was joined on the court by newcomers Orion Scharton, Colin Orlowski and Avery Christian.

New to pickleball?

There are plenty of savvy veterans who have played pickleball for years, while some have just been into it for a few months and are working to improve their games. Then there are the newcomers trying the increasingly popular racquet sport for the first time.

We recently met up with two men and a woman who fall into that latter category. They were part of a foursome, along with a woman who has played for four months during a beginner’s social play at Coquina Key Park.

Newcomers Orion Scharton, Colin Orlowski and Avery Christian took the court with Denise Davis, the most experienced of the foursome, who began playing in the spring. Scharton and Christian teamed up against Orlowski and Davis.

The outcome was not nearly as important as the new players learning the game and adjusting to one another on the court. Of course, like most pickleball matchups, there was plenty of good-natured banter.

Like the others, Christian spoke of how much fun it is to play. She also liked the social aspect and that “lots of people can play.”

Orlowski intended to play spike ball (a net and ball game played between four people), but was glad his friends talked him into trying pickleball: “I’m having a blast.”

Not surprisingly, all four plan to continue playing pickleball. They’re hooked.

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