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Featured Picklers - Savvy Slam Players

Top finishers in inaugural Savvy Slam

Johan and Stephanie Skantze, gold medalists in the Mixed 3.5 Division, pose for a photo with their medals.
Johan and Stephanie Skantze were gold medalists in the Mixed 3.5 Division.

The results are in from the inaugural Savvy Slam at Rowlett Park in Tampa with tournament organizers extolling the strong level of competition. “It was really, really good competition,” said Lisa Krawetz, co-founder of Pickletopia as well as a top-level player.

Krawetz did not play but business partner Debbie Cagnino did. She and Deanna Morrow earned bronze medals in the Women’s 4.0 division. “I had to quicky change my mindset and focus on playing, which was challenging,” Cagnino said.


Women’s 3.0 — Gold, Donna Arnold and Rachel Martin; Silver, Katelyn Wood and Erin Wood; Bronze, Andrea Rodriguez and Megan Rodriguez.

Men’s 3.0 — Gold, Luis Martinez and Aldahir Reyes; Silver, Justin Brewer and Rafa Alcocer; Bronze, Juan Rodriguez and Kyle Koller.

Mixed 3.0 — Gold, Rachel Martin and Gregory Martin; Silver, Allison Sahm and Brian Dykeman; Bronze, Christina Fotopoulos and Chris Thornton.

Women’s 3.5 — Gold, Ana O’Donell and B.J. Dihigo; Silver, Callie Harris and Erin Jarvis; Bronze, Sarah Shockley and Jessica Slain.

Men’s 3.5 — Gold, Rob Marshall and Brian Liotta-Devivo; Silver, Arthur Skafidas and Ray Homsi; Bronze, Christian Hubbard and Nicolas Kresl.

Mixed 3.5 — Gold, Stephanie Skantze and Johan Skantze; Silver, Elizabeth Davis and Kenneth Scribner; Bronze, April Tatro and Mark Hayes.

Women’s 4.0 — Gold, Patty Gordon and Bridget Coyman; Silver, Christy Allen and Eva Kohutova; Bronze, tie between Debbie Cagnina and Deanna Morrow, along with Rene Harney and Parker Webster.

Men’s 4.0 — Gold, Mario Penalosa and Zach Perkins; Silver, George Holman and Adam Blumenthal; Bronze, Anthony Accetta and Thomas Camann.

Mixed 4.0 — Gold, Eva Kohutova and Christopher Dawson; Silver, Bridget Coyman and Anthony Hunt; Bronze, Jessi Lorenzo and Michael Seton.

Open 4.5 — Gold, Marvin Ho and Ariel Alvarez; Silver, Matt McCallister and Michael Montinol. Bronze, Nico Turasz and Hamilton Coffey.

Photo by Steve Lee

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