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Featured Pickler: Lutz pickleball business owners attend Las Vegas convention

Photo courtesy of Pickle Man, Inc.
Local business partners Alex Wadsworth and Gary Ivanov went to Las Vegas for the World Pickleball Convention.

More than a year away from hosting the Florida Pickleball Expo, the co-owners of Pickle Man, Inc. recently traveled across the country to get some ideas.

Partners Alex Wadsworth, of Lutz, and Tampa’s Gary Ivanov went to the inaugural World Pickleball Convention in Las Vegas. There was also a tournament, but neither of them played in it.

“I met a lot of contacts and everybody was excited about the Florida Expo,” Wadsworth said of that upcoming event slated for Sept. 12-14, 2025.

As for the June exposition at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the local business partners learned about new technology and products such as equipment, apparel and shoes. They also met plenty of folks who share their passion for the sport, many of whom came from the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

“It kind of brings the community together; pickleball players, pickleball enthusiasts,” Wadsworth said of the Vegas convention. “All of the vendors there were very positive. They really exemplified the camaraderie in the pickleball community.”

Wadsworth, who last year built a pickleball court on his family’s property and has hosted numerous tournaments and clinics, brought back a unique pickleball paddle/bug zapper and shoes. He also got an idea from the convention to host a speed-dating pickleball event.

Photo courtesy of Pickle Man, Inc.

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