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Featured Picklers - Meet the Crew

Crew co-founders and volunteers register players and keep tabs on results at a recent tournament in Tampa.

Let’s meet the co-founders of the Tampa Pickleball Crew, who are behind a collaborative effort to convert a 70-year-old Ybor City warehouse in developer Darryl Shaw’s Gas Worx

project into an indoor pickleball facility with seven courts.

The Crew’s co-founders, who have organized three tournaments since forming this spring, are Kayla Goldman, Susan Forsyth, Jennifer Plummer and Dene Williamson.

“I just enjoy meeting people and having a good time,” Goldman said.

Like many people who have played pickleball for a while or recently taken up the sport, Plummer was drawn in by a circle of friends.

“I had friends who talked incessantly about playing,” said Plummer, who has played for less than two years. “All of a sudden the world opened up to me.”

Added Forsyth, “Friends were into it and they knew I would love it. I just went (to play) on a Sunday and I was hooked. We’re all in it for fun. I love the community feel about it.”

Plummer, who has dabbled in several business ventures with Forsyth, looks forward to the Crew’s future: “At this point, we’re just so excited to open the seven courts and who knows from there.”

As a local college business professor, Williamson was asked to be a part of the Crew from the outset.

“We did a tournament and I thought it would be amazing,” Williamson said. “With the popularity of pickleball, I’d be crazy to not get involved.”

By Steve Lee Times Total Media Correspondent Photos courtesy of Hillsborough Community College

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