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Pointers from instructor Kathy McCausey

Instructor Kathy McCausey recently worked with student John Dardano.

Kathy McCausey, who partnered with Val Thomopalos as founders of, is a poster child of today’s pickleball player. Simply put, she loves the game and does her best to spread that passion to anyone who picks up a paddle. McCausey is an instructor and fierce competitor.

Q. I’m a newcomer. I’ve only played for two months and am not very good. How can you help me?

A. I will work with you on the fundamentals, shot mechanics, court positioning and strategy. Central to your improvement is confidence that you can and will get better each time you play.

Q. I’ve been playing for a while and am much better than when I started. I’ve even cracked the top three in a few tournaments, but I’d really like to win one.

A. Where are your opponents beating you? Is it your drop shots/resets, is it on the speedups or is it shot selection and strategy? Let’s play and see what will help take you to the top of the podium.

Q. What are the most important elements in improving one’s game?

A. Stretching before playing, shot mechanics, shot selection, court positioning, strategy, team dynamics (with your doubles partner) and assessment of your competition to target the weaknesses and avoid the strengths.

Q. How much does the level of equipment factor into one’s performance on the court?

A. Strength of play starts with YOU and is supported by the quality of your paddle, playing with comfortable court shoes and, in my case, sunshade via a hat/visor and sunglasses. Preparation before play results in optimum play.

By Steve Lee Times Total Media Correspondent Photos courtesy of Steve Lee

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