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Tampa Pickleball Crew hosts Red, White and Crew tourney

Photo courtesy of the Tampa Pickleball Crew
Women’s Doubles Skill 3.5 medalists.

Last year at this time, four women created a pickleball company and hosted Boom by the Bay in downtown Tampa. The Tampa Pickleball Crew recently hosted another tourney, only this time at their own facility.

Red, White and Crew welcomed 134 players competing in nine divisions. Matches were played on eight courts at the Crew’s open-air warehouse in Ybor City.

Photo courtesy of the Tampa Pickleball Crew
Men’s Doubles Open top three winning teams.

“It’s a completely different ballgame now that we have our own facility,” co-owner Susan Forsyth said. “Our creative genius Kayla (Goldman, another partner) is always the one that comes up with the creative names.”

The tourney is among several fun-filled events since the Crew, which also includes partners Dene Williamson and Jennifer Plummer, opened in January. That list includes Rad ‘80s, singles competitions and Pilates and pickleball.

Photo courtesy of the Tampa Pickleball Crew
Winners and runners-up in Women’s Doubles Skill 2.5.

“They’ve come a long way,” said David Tabb, who runs All Florida Pickleball. “They bonded together. They do fun stuff. They knock it all out of the park.”

As has been the case with all series hosted by the Crew, the caliber of play was top-notch and fierce — in the upper divisions as well as the lower ones.

“At the start of the day they all had the same opportunity to win gold and a free month at Tampa Pickleball Crew,” Tabb said.

Photo courtesy of the Tampa Pickleball Crew
Top three teams in Men’s Doubles Skill 3.5.

Men’s medalists were as follow:

Doubles Open — Gold, George Rangelov and Jack Holloway; Silver, Dhruv Patel and John Goins; Bronze, Ben Yue and Nejc Sitar.

Doubles Skill 4.5 — Gold, Hunter Henson and Jeremy Merritt; Silver, Tom Camann and Chris Whalen; Bronze, Bryan Frazer and Michael Drummonds.

Doubles Skill 4.0 — Gold, Angel Aramayo and Luke Jaso; Silver, Dilan Scargle and Chris Pruitt; Bronze, T.J. Dionson and Blake Pfau.

Doubles Skill 3.5 — Gold, Ben Garcia and Augustine Ochoa; Silver Harrison Rainey and Zach Hashemian; Bronze, Joe Benson and Jason Ko.

Doubles Skill 3.0 — Gold, Peter Tanner Jr. and Aaron Daudert; Silver, Austin Gibbs and Brent Gibbs; Bronze, Max Shumaker and Brad Buff.

Medalists in the women’s divisions included:

Doubles Open — Gold, Victoria Helmuth and Courtney Spafford; Silver, Macy Vonderschmidt and Grayson Hall; Bronze, Chandra Moore and Megan Mariano.

Doubles Skill 3.5 — Gold, Aileen Joy Jainga and Glorilee Javier; Silver, Jenna Keller and Kayleigh Trokey; Bronze, Deborah Jean Shaffer and Kathy Vanderbeck.

Doubles Skill 3.0 — Gold, Megan Taris and Spencer Aleman; Silver, Kenzie Erickson and Samantha Moore; Bronze, Maylaine Yep and Karen Perez.

Doubles Skill 2.5 — Gold, Mia Wuster and Jazmyn Jenkins; Silver, Cheryl Ballou and Lisa Murtaugh; Bronze, Amanda Gibson and Angela Brady.


Times Total Media Correspondent

Photos courtesy of the Tampa Pickleball Crew

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