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Tony Roig selected to play in APPChampions Cup

Tony Roig returns the ball during an instructional session

Widely known as one of the premier players and highly respected

instructors in the Tampa Bay area and beyond, Tony Roig will get

a chance to show his prowess on the court in the Inaugural APP

(Association of Pickleball Players) Champions Cup.

Roig, 54, is a co-founder of Better Pickleball. He is among 48

players, including 24 men, who will compete in the Cup challenge

that features top senior pros (50-and-older). That Jan. 17-21

series is in Puna Gorda.

“It’s super exciting,” he said.|

What Roig gets more enjoyment out of, though, is helping

newcomers learn the game properly and working with

accomplished players to take their games up a notch.

“That’s way more important than anything competitive,” said

Roig, a former avid and accomplished tennis player.

Among those who speak highly of Roig is Tampa’s Maggie


“In my opinion, Tony Roig taught Tampa how to play pickleball,”

she said. “From his three-hour boot camps at local Tampa parks

to his weeklong retreats throughout the country, he continues

to teach the sport. He generously shares his knowledge of the

game whenever and wherever he can.”


Times Total Media Correspondent

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