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Where there is pickleball, there is love

Barrett and Danea Bass are hardly the first love connection somewhat influenced by pickleball and they surely will not be the last. Now the married couple share their passion for the sport with others.

“I said, ‘If I beat you, I get to go on a date with you and if you beat me with you’ve got to go on a date with me,’” Barrett recalled of their first time playing pickleball together four years ago.

Barrett and Danea Bass pose for a picture on the pickleball court.
Barrett and Danea Bass met on a pickleball court, began dating and married in 2020.

Danea, who was looking for a pickleball partner, agreed: “I’m good. Why not?”

Dating led to a 2020 marriage for the young couple (Barrett is 31 and Danea is 30) and pickleball remains a big part of their lives.

Together, they run All Things Pickleball and in addition to being certified instructors, they promote the sport by streaming events. In August, they streamed the Pickleman Mid-Summer tournament at Alex Wadsworth’s court in Lutz. That entailed informative

discussions about pickleball and covering the tourney live.

Barrett and Danea Bass man a table at a recent Pickleman tournament.
Barrett and Danea Bass recently streamed a Pickleman tournament.

Being involved in pickleball on a daily basis is something the couple relishes. They also

enjoy spending time together outdoors with activities like biking, going to the beach and

walking their chocolate Lab.

“I just believe that pickleball’s only going to keep growing,” said Barrett, who also works for Selkirk Pickleball. “In a day and age where people are really glued to their phones and staying indoors, pickleball gets people out. I’m just passionate about promoting the growth of the sport.”

Danea Bass reaches for a high shot on the pickleball court.
Danea Bass reaches for a high shot.

Danea, who played pickleball in a middle school physical education class, did not take up the sport again until about four years ago. Now she runs social media platforms for pickleball

and gives helpful tips on YouTube.

“It’s still just growing,” Danea said of the increasingly popular sport. “I really want to be a good resource for the pickleball community. I really wanted to create an easy and positive learning space. My content is fun and helpful.”

Fun and helpful are factors the sport’s enthusiasts thrive on. That and the fact that it is

outdoors for the most part — although there are more and more indoor, air-conditioned

courts popping up in the Tampa Bay area like the ones at the Oldsmar Flea Market and ones being built at an old warehouse in Ybor City.

Barrett Bass poses wearing medals he won playing in pickleball tournaments in Texas.
Barrett Bass began earning medals playing in pickleball tournaments in Texas.

Not to mention the social aspect of bringing friends, couples and even prospective dates like the Basses together.

“It’s just such a fun way to be outside and to meet new people,” Barrett said.

By Steve Lee

Times Total Media Correspondent

Photos courtesy of Barrett and Danea Bass

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